Thursday, 6 August 2015

Community Building in Rm15

Here's a snapshot of what's being going on in Rm15 this week with the older students supporting younger ones. 

This work came about after interest was sparked from looking at the Animal, Plant and Fungi Kingdoms. 
  I overheard these students making plans to organise a fundraiser to help endangered native NZ birds.   
The students were given a measuring task to complete. 

Interesting things happen when there aren't enough materials to use.  Students learn how to share and work co-operatively while practicing the virtue of patience.  It also gives the students the opportunity to problem solve.  This is exactly what you see here.  Geometry sticks where joined together to measure the area of the classroom.

A meeting was called by the students to discuss how morning tea should be run.
Some wonderful discussion and follow up work came from looking at the Timeline of Human Beings.  The discovering of fire, all the students agreed, was an amazing one which we are all grateful for.


  1. This is wonderful to see. Beautiful community spirit and children learning that community is made up of multiage and multi opinions - this must help them be so much more prepared for 'the real world' - awesome job Rata and Nikau, well done.

  2. This is fantastic!