Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Room 15 Week 4 Term 3

Timeline of Human Beings.
Collaborative work looking at the fundamental needs of humans.

Rata and Nikau students are using Work Journals to record the work they do.  It's like keeping a diary and reinforces a valuable life skill - organisation.
The Animal Kingdom is of huge interest to this age child.  

Rm 15 has 'Whanau' groups.  Students can ask anyone for help but this gives the younger students, in particular, empowerment to be independent and work out who they can go to when they can't solve a problem by themself.
Friday's we share our finished work with the class.
Having the opportunity to present finished work teaches students valuable oral presentation skills, allows others to see what students have been working on.  It's also a wonderful chance for students listening to practice Grace and Courtesy.  Student's enjoy giving feedback and providing constructive criticism.

A group of students working on their own timeline (of animals).


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