Thursday, 6 August 2015

Collaborative and Independent Work this Week in Rm15

Symbolising a Poem 
Working on a Timeline of Algebra and Geometry

Exploring 3D Shapes sensorially.

Two older students, working on the floor, using the ipad to further develop their spelling skills while a younger student watches and learns too.

Working together on multiplication board 
Project work.

Exploring polygons with Geometry Sticks.

Researching on science stuff - Periodic Table, Law of Gravity, Newton, Einstein.

Follow Up work on parts of a polygon.

Multiples work to reinforce learning the times tables.

Working on a parts of a polygon follow up work.  These two asked me how many sides does a circle have?  Which lead on to some exploration, chatting and thinking about the question.

Parts of a polygon poster finished.  Yah!

Working on how to solve the measuring challenge without having the materials to be able to measure with.

Older students helping younger ones to make their own work journal. 
Children of this age love exploring the Animal Kingdom. An older student working with these two made an interesting comment when discussing classification of mammals. "A man can't be a mammal because they don't give birth."

Older students supporting younger ones to make their own work journals.
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This student is focused on checking over a younger student's spelling work to make sure it is correct. What a great way to reinforce her own spelling skills while supporting others.


  1. I love seeing these glimpses into class room life!

  2. Really great to see inside the classroom like this.

  3. I LOVE seeing this collaborative work, thank you. My little one is feeling very included and has already made 'big kid' friends ;)