Thursday, 16 June 2016

Garden Post

The Garden

Hi and welcome to our garden we are the Head Gardeners. Our goal is is to plant,harvest and cook with the food from the garden we might even sell our crops for fundraising.
All the Leaves
It would have taken a looonnng time to rake up all the leaves but we had some help from the Foxes.

Meet the Head Gardeners.
Hi, I will be writing this blog.My goal for the garden is to be able sell and/or use them in our cooking.
Hi, I am a Head Gardener I enjoy my role as a Head Gardener as I get to co-operate with the other students in my class.My goal is to have a beautiful garden.
Hi, I'm a Head Gardener. My goal is to sell the crops for fundraising. I will also be helping with the slide show.

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