Thursday, 26 May 2016

Compulsory Viewing for all parents

There was a special report that TV3 aired last night (click on the link below to watch the catch up).  It is thought provoking and timely with reports about to be given out.  It's important that we as Montessorians understand the impact testing and assessment has on our children and their psychological and emotional wellbeing.  Comparing our children at all is wrong let alone comparing them to 'national standards'.   

Why, when we are reporting to parents, do we only tell them about their child's achievements  in regards to reading , writing and mathematics?  What about all the other equally, if not more important, learning areas?  The Arts - music, visual art, drama, dance, sciences, geography, history, gardening, cooking...  

Maria Montessori was all about 'following the child' in doing so this enables children to work on what interests them and at their own pace.  So, if you get a report and see 'Below, At and Above' please be mindful that this is a snapshot of your child's achievement in a given test and at a point in time against a national standard which has nothing to do with their own personal growth and development which is as individualised as each of us is unique.

If I was asked what the purpose of education in the 21st Century is I would say to help every child develop essential skills that already exist within and to master the creative learning process to develop the skills essential for success.  

World Class? Inside NZ Education - A Special Report

Award-winning documentary maker and author Bryan Bruce asks what the purpose of public education in the 21st Century is; and how should we be teaching our children to help them deal with whatever the future will throw at them?

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