Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What is R15 FLL?

R15 FLL is a LEGO robotics club for students (Years 4 to 6) of Room 15.

The goal is to enrich our children’s curriculum and provide them more opportunities to learn physics, mathematics, team work, project work and computer programming in a hands-on way.

FLL stands for “FIRST LEGO League” and the club is loosely based on the idea that one day, to measure our own progress, we might decide to participate in the yearly FIRST LEGO League event as a team. The event is not the main goal of the club, but FLL publishes some very useful materials and we incorporate them in our sessions.

R15 is our team name. It obviously refers to Room 15. But it also sounds a little bit like “Area 51″ and refers to something unknown publicly, a testing facility or extraterrestrial intelligence. All this seems applicable to what we are doing at the club.

We have been kindly invited to this classroom blog to post some of what we learn during our sessions.

From our trial club meetings back in 2014 with just one NXT set we have now gone to the "full production" mode with 13 students and twice a week sessions during school hours.

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