Saturday, 28 February 2015

Best Fit Books


Do you ever wonder if your child is reading the right book?  

If so, then take a moment to check out the following links.  
The 'BestFitBooks' link will take you to an interesting article while the 'PICK' link is for a short YouTube clip. 


  1. The PICK video is interesting. Its a good question to ponder if your child is reading the right book. I wonder if it's too simple if they are being extended but if it's too complicated then it takes the pleasure and understanding out of it!

  2. It is an interesting topic and lots of people are pondering it. I like this piece about difficulty of book for the very young

    especially -
    'The key to success is as much talking about what happens in the book as reading any text.Simple text tends to stimulate complex discussions between adult and child, whereas complicated sentences reduce the need for dialogue, the study concluded.
    Each method helps children learn the complicated structures of language.'

    I guess this can be applied to primary age children, probably all of us actually, if you talk about your reading you will get more out of it (new vocabulary, new knowledge, new understandings) and so simple and complicated have their part to play.